8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs You Have To Try On June 29, 2024 

Rainbow Nail Art Design Paint your nails in the colours of rainbow! 

Easy Multicoloured Nail Art Design With Dotticure Just paint all your nails in different colours and create small black dots on them using a toothpick or a Bobby pin. 

Clouds & Sun Nail Art Design This charming design involves painting your nails bright blue and adding white acrylic clouds using a Bobby pin or dotting tool. Ensure close dots. Create the sun by painting half your nail with Caramelo Yellow and drawing it with a fine nail art brush!  

Raindrops Nail Art Design Apply your preferred base color to your nails. After drying, use a dotting tool or Bobby pin to apply top coat blobs to your nails. The blobs should resemble water drops, but not perfectly.  

Glitter Gradient Nail Art Design Our shimmer top coat over the yellow and coral gradient gives a spellbinding effect to the whole manicure. 

Black & Pink Love Theme Nail Art The subtlety of pink, boldness of black and the mesmerizing effects of holographic glitters combined into a nail art! 

Bright Yellow Nails With Colorful Accent Nail  For this one, paint all your nails in the shade of yellow like Caramelo Yellow from our collection. Use white, black and orange acrylic paints to create cute egg prints as shown in the image.  

Black & Yellow Geometric Nail Art You can easily freehand this design using striping tape as guides. Or if you have a nail stamping kit with such geometrical patterns, it will be easier for you to replicate this design. 

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