5 Zodiac Signs   With The Best Weekly Horoscopes On June 10 - 16 

You always have the secret to happiness. From June 10-16, five zodiac signs will focus on happiness.   

Pisces, Aries, Aquarius, Virgo, and Cancer have the finest weekly horoscopes, but there's something for everyone.  

Mars in Taurus kicks off the week strongly. On June 9, the red planet departs Aries for Taurus till July 20.  Mars in Taurus suits this week's energy.   

Because Taurus is Mars-friendly.  Make time for finer things and work methodically.  We can stop to smell the roses. This week, Mars is more grounded.   

Pisces, the Moon-Mercury relationship will make the first half of this week amazing! Be yourself and walk stylishly. Choosing to be unafraid means no one can derail your path.   


Pluto and Mars will make the first half of the week gorgeous for Aries, especially if you're in love.  


You own your life, Aquarius. This message is for you. Never let a puppet wrangler control you.   


This week's energy is great for Virgo! Plan a movie or theater trip today if you haven't. Expect tempting surprises on this road. Bring all your family or friends for extra points!  


Cancer, this week is about love and family. Leaning into these relationships will strengthen you for what's to come.   


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