5 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On June 29, 2024  Saturn Retrograde Begins

The message and theme of Saturday, June 29, 2024 is that those who put in the initial work will always reap the rewards in the end.   

The primary reason for this is that today is a significant astrological transit: Saturn will retrograde in Pisces.  

Pisces, you have a lovely, dreamy energy on Saturday, with a hint of creative intimacy for those in committed relationships.  


Aries, the energy on Saturday urges you to keep your secrets close to your chest and not allow over-excitement to get the better of you.  


Follow your heart in this so that you can spread the happiness and excitement to others and open up a positive feedback loop for even more blessings!   


Cancer, you are stronger than you look and more capable than you appear. Don't let the stereotypes hold you back. You have the cosmic forces backing you up and will succeed no matter who thinks you won't. 


Taurus, you have magic at your fingertips on Saturday. Don't let it dissipate without use! If you focus on the areas in which you need support and good fortune, your blessings will flow there. 


Also, now's not the time to please others and forget about your own needs. 

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