5 Classic Cocktails that Call for Sake

Sake Negroni   

Sake bears many similarities with gin, including a nuanced, typically botanical-forward character, and is an excellent substitute for a lower-alcohol Negroni.   

Sake Vesper  

The iconic Vesper Martini, popularized by James Bond in Ian Fleming's original novel Casino Royale, combines gin with vodka to make a particularly alcoholic version of the classic cocktail.  

Sake Margarita  

The Sakke Margarita closely matches the "golden ratio" of sour cocktails, which is two parts liquor, one part sour, and one part sweet.  


Cucumber vodka and junmai sake are combined in this two-part cocktail, which has a classic 2:1 profile, with sake replacing the traditional dry vermouth in a Martini.  

Yellow tomatoes are utilized in this twist on the original Bloody Mary, emphasizing the drink's citrus ingredients rather than merely doubling down on its savory components.  

Sake Bloody Mary  

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