4 Zodiacs Arriving At A Life Chapter Of Healing


Reconnecting with your support system is part of your recovery journey, Leo. You've left so much unsaid to your closest friends and family members. Everyone has been so busy, and you've had a difficult time bringing up your personal issues. It's easy to fall into our usual habits of small conversation, and part of you craved those fun, stress-free exchanges while you were in the middle of it.   

You require the connection and discourse that only comes from opening up. Just remember how you feel when others come to you for help. How you always listen and console them. You simply need to consider this as a reciprocal thing, something you can ask for in exchange.  


Your healing chapter is about letting go, Virgo. Letting go of things that no longer serve you, methods of thinking that were never actually your own, negative voices in your head, and guilt that you don't deserve. Thinking about getting rid of these things in such a casual manner can feel overwhelming the longer you've had them. You're concerned that these factors have simply blended into your DNA over time.  

Perhaps there is simply too much, as if you have been accumulating so much anguish, shame, and hurt that you are concerned that clearing it all out would not be enough to keep the building from being condemned. Later on, you will realize that this was a necessary step to make way for all of the excellent things that are on their way to you.  


Libra, your healing chapter is one of sadness. You have such an optimistic attitude and a strong will to conquer obstacles, but your enthusiasm may sometimes be a mask you wear to hide your true feelings. You have an aversion to self-pity and do not allow yourself to go into an emotional state in which you feel horrible for yourself and regret the decisions you made and the things you couldn't control  

The only way to overcome this pain is to first accept and feel it. To learn the lessons it is attempting to teach you, and to follow the route it is pointing you in the direction of bigger and better things. This is how you learn, grow, and determine the type of person you want to be. Anything you can get perfect on the first try is never anything you'll be proud of.   


Scorpio, your healing chapter is about learning to be gentle to yourself. Everyone is aware of your high expectations, yet no one feels the pressure you put on yourself more than anybody else. You will be anxious for days over the smallest accident, even if no one else saw it except you. You hold onto your mistakes and remorse,  

you always have something negative to say about yourself before taking credit for all of the good you bring into the world. You must give yourself permission to develop and improve gradually, rather than continuously striving for perfection. You are human, and you are imperfect; attempting to be anything other is useless. Recognize your strengths as much as you criticize your shortcomings. Invest in your strengths rather than focusing solely on your weaknesses.  

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