4 Zodiac Signs Entering A More Fortunate Era Beginning with the Moon in Libra on July 11, 2024  

This Thursday, July 11, 2024, offers us a Libra Moon. According to our astrology, this is merely the first of four zodiac signs, as our good fortune has only recently begun to ascend.  

We are about to have a fantastic day and an even better start to an era in our life that will offer us a lot of luck and experiences.  

While you're all about having a good time, and it's July, the summertime is all too appealing for fun  


you may discover that having fun isn't all that's on offer to you today during the Libra Moon transit.   

Your plans will begin to take shape with the Libra Moon on July 11, as this lucky era begins for you, Virgo.   


You have had your mind on creating something special for a long time. 

You've been on a roll recently. While this may be work-related, something about this 'job' appears to be attracting a variety of positive chances for you, including those centred on love and relationships.   


It seems that now that the Libra Moon is here, you can clearly see that you're walking into a fortunate era in your life. 

Things have been changing and progressing for a while now. 


Even if you didn't receive a clear'sign' that you were on the correct track, the Libra Moon tells you that everything you've done thus far has been worthwhile.   

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