4 Zodiac Signs Are Blessed With Good Fortune On June 29, 2024


When your ruling planet of Venus meets us with Mars in a positive aspect, all you can get out of this day, June 29, is good, Taurus.  

Not a bad deal at all, and you'll be going with that one all day as you feel that you are ripe and ready for all good things to come your way.  

Looks like someone's about to receive some stellar good fortune on Saturday, and that would definitely be you, Cancer. So, Saturday is going to work out far better than you imagined. 


While you can back it up with the knowledge that you 'wanted' this day to go well, what you didn't know was that Venus and Mars are here to guide you right into the best of it. 

When Venus and Mars come together in alignment on June 29, you, Leo, are in for the time of your life. It's a good thing it falls on a Saturday, 


As you'll need the day off to really get into all that's coming your way. That's not to say this day is going to be overly active. The luck will be, and the good fortune will be pretty obvious. 

Good fortune smiles down on you, Libra, and by the looks of it, it's here to stay ... at least for a while. You are happy to greet it, and it looks like romantic love for you on Saturday, June 29, 2024.  


That's fine by you, as you happen to be in love with someone. If you aren't at the place where you can call it a 'relationship' yet, then hang tight, as this may be 'day one.' 

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