3 Zodiacs Who Will Become Their Best Self This Summer

There are many reasons to adore the start of summer, but the I-can-do-anything sensation that comes with brighter days has a special place in our hearts.   

Having a "best self summer" in 2024 is all about connecting with your highest self, your most positive energy  

plus a level of confidence you've never experienced before. It's less about being the "hottest" version of yourself in the eyes of society or other people,  

but rather about feeling like the best version of yourself—because sending that high self-esteem energy out into the world will draw that energy back to you.  

Here are three zodiac signs who are positioned to become their best selves this summer, as well as the activities and habits they can use to reach this goal.  


Leos are inherently charming and confident, and summer is the ideal time for them to shine even brighter. This summer, Leos can use artistic expression to boost their self-esteem. Leos can express their vibrant personalities through artistic endeavors such as painting, writing, and performing. Indulging in exquisite self-care routines, such as spa days, new skincare regimes, or refreshing swims, can revitalize their spirits and boost their self-esteem.  


Virgos are detail-oriented and diligent, frequently focusing on self-improvement. This summer, Virgos can improve themselves by incorporating mindfulness and meditation into their everyday activities. Yoga and tai chi can assist Virgos relax their hyperactive minds, resulting in mental clarity and peace.  


Sagittarius people are adventurous and optimistic, often looking for new experiences. This summer, Sagittarians can thrive by traveling and exploring. Exploring new locations, whether through a weekend road trip or an overseas journey, can fire their enthusiasm for exploration, extending their horizons and boosting their zest for life.  

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