3 Zodiac Signs   Overcome The Past & Heal From Heartache On June 12   

Healing begins for three zodiac signs on June 12. This Wednesday, astrology gives us the answers we need and heals us.  

Mercury cazimi square Saturn is helping us sort things out, and we may be surprised by how ready we are to heal.  

We may have often said we are tired of feeling the sorrow of the past and even tired of hearing our voice. Mercury square Saturn shows us on Wednesday that even 'we' may heal, change, adapt, and evolve.  

That will be really fun. We will finally see the 'light at the end of the tunnel' for the three zodiac signs and know we won't pass that threshold.   

This day is about new beginnings, healing old wounds, new love, and self-esteem, therefore say goodbye to the past.  

You now realize you're not alone, Gemini. The one person who can help you get through some heartaches arrives just in time.   


You lived too long in heartache. Your desire to go has always been there, but you've always knew it must be real.   


It can take a long time to understand that the past is no longer good for you, especially if it has caused you anguish and heartache.  


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