3 Zodiac Signs Overcome The Past & Heal From Heartache On July 11, 2024

Heartache be gone! July 11, 2024 is no longer interested in you. This really goes out to three zodiac signs, as our daily horoscope says that with a Libra Moon occurring when Venus is in Leo  

we're going to kiss our heartache 'buh-bye.'  

We know that by Thursday, something inside us will feel 'cleaner', as if the pain we've been carrying about has taken such a toll on us that we physically feel polluted by it.   

That is where a Libra Moon's clean sweep comes in, which is powered by Venus in Leo. See how everything works together?  

You know you've been carrying about a heartache that's doing you no good, and despite your best efforts to make it 'go away,' you're still shackled to it like an anchor holding you to the bottom  


You've even attempted to live at the bottom of the sea, but on July 11, you'll be'set free.'  

You've realised that as of Thursday, July 11, 2024, you won't want to waste another moment of your valuable time on Earth worrying about what the past  


Okay, you get the message, and now, because to Venus's healing energy in Leo, you can let go of the past and heal your life.  

You've always kept your sadness to yourself. You grin when it is appropriate and deal with life as it comes and goes. Your pain has always been private.   


While you may not have been aware that you had placed this pain on a pedestal, you now understand the need of closing the door to the room containing that pedestal.  

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