3 Zodiac Signs Change Their Own Lives For The Better On July 4, 2024

July 4, 2024, brings us the Moon square Neptune and all that comes with it, which implies heavy introspection and the consideration of change.  

Our astrological charts show us that we are conscious that we are 'blocked' and that we need to break free from what holds us back. 

At this point, we don't feel threatened by the idea. Change scares certain people into inaction, but not us.  

This Thursday shows us that we are not stuck. In fact, we are ready to transform.

You know that you have been the one to hold yourself back and that this fear of moving forward is exactly what you've needed to get over.


You have issues to solve, and you keep on putting them off. July marks the first day that you decided you're going to tackle them head-on. 


If you are feeling jealous of someone, then you must ponder why you feel this way. During Moon square Neptune, 'pondering' brings results. 


On July 4, you'll not be able to avoid it, so you might as well use that Sagittarius bravery and face it head-on. What you'll get out of this day is the knowledge that nothing is as bad as you've made it out to be in your mind. 

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