3 Zodiac Signs Break Free From Heartache On June 23, 2024

On Sunday, June 23, heartache fades into the past for three zodiac signs. Astrology indicates that when the Moon is in Aquarius,  

we are able to stand on our own without the support of a negative memory.   

We're prepared to cast this memory to the back burner and move on. Is it going to be around forever?   

That's how the past functions, then: it exists in our memories, but we don't need to dwell on it if we want to fully experience the present.  

This heartache of ours may have been very real and very legitimate, but we've also come to know that it's literally holding us back. We don't get a million years here.  


This memory has been a part of your story for so long that it has interfered with any current relationships you may be in. It's not how you wanted things to be, but you were powerless to change it, and that's a very human thing, Leo.  


You feel that you are on the verge of such an event right now during the Aquarius Moon on June 23. You have held so tightly to the past and the relationship that broke your heart  


Being a very devoted individual, you have discovered that heartache is difficult to get over and that, in a way, you believe you deserve this kind of suffering.  

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