2 Zodiac Signs Get Ick So Easy  

You've probably experienced it: Someone you like acts or says something small that turns out to be a huge and instant turn-off. It's hard to get rid of the ick after someone offers it to you.  

Everyone has dating pet peeves that annoy or turn them off, but some are more sensitive than others. Astrology may affect illness susceptibility.  

Getting “the ick” is a TikTok word for the sudden and extreme feeling of disgust for someone you were attracted to.   

It's not always rational or justifiable, but a small action or even visualising the person doing something can provoke the ick.   

The moment it hits, it's practically difficult to recover.  

Many factors can cause some people to get sick more than others. Insecurities or prior traumas may cause this psychological condition.   

Virgos, ruled by Mercury, are naturally watchful and analytical, noticing every detail. They catch absolutely everything, therefore it's easy for them to catch someone doing something icky.   


Saturn rules Capricorns, therefore they are picky about partners and prone to getting the ick. These loyal earth signs are looking for a long-term partner, so they're less inclined to overlook a little turn-off when dating.  


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