15 Short Red Nail Ideas to Heat Up Your Summer Mani

Do Me a Solid In the end, you can go simple and solid like this tomato-red outfit. A glossy top coat completes a beautiful manicure that works with anything.  

Make the Gradient The moon's phases (if lipstick were the moon) are reflected in this manicure's thin red strip to full red polish.  

Cherry Bli This manicure combines two of the biggest nail art trends—cherries and mismatching—and shows you can get a stylish mani without much effort.  

Fire and Eyes The secret to this Kenzo-inspired manicure? Choose an opaque, full-coverage base. Eye designs stand out against cherry-red polish.  

French Ladybug Traditionally white, French tips look amazing colored. For a flaming twist on the classic design, swipe red across your fingertips. Ladybugs make this set adorable.  

Scarlet Puzzle Nail edges with puzzle-style abstract swirls. Apply curves at different nail spots. Art from different directions looks more intriguing.   

Baroque Moment This set uses building gel to create cathedral-inspired designs, and red accent nails highlight them. Ideal for your "Hot Europe Summer" savings.   

Lightning McQueen Celebrate your inner child with this charming outfit.  It'll earn you cool auntie points from the kids.   

Crimson and Blush Trim a beautiful blush with red stripes on both sides. For greatest impact, jewel all 10 fingers, or choose two accent fingers for a more subtle design. Change things up with a rose-colored rhinestone instead of silver.   

Off to the Races In keeping with the racing motif, this set has red tips with checkerboard design and black-and-white swirl accent nails. Put this in your summer manicure queue.  

Flaming Cow Print You may not have noticed, but these entertaining suggestions are cow print. Red makes pattern customization easy. Try a leopard or zebra manicure with the bright color.  

Rouge Riot Stay traditional with real red. A modest gold reverse French at your cuticles might make it more interesting.  

Pretty and Poppy You can also avoid blue undertones and select a poppy color. Add marble embellishments.   

Spotted Haze Wear polka dots in a sweep to surprise. A Kusama-like effect can be achieved with several sizes.   

Heated Gingham Sport a red gingham manicure at your next outdoor gathering. Choose a contrasting hue or go traditional with red and white.   

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