15 Pretty Pearl Nail Ideas to Elevate Your Manicure

Pearl-Adorned French To achieve this look, start with a simple French manicure, then finish it off with small pearls distributed around the full nail. 

Stiletto French with Pearls This one step immediately draws attention to your hands, but turning this mani into pearlcore nails via a cuticle accent adds a real "wow" factor. 

Mother of Pearl Mani Betina Goldstein used CND World's No-Wipe Top Coat and Pearl Obsession powder, which are meant for salon usage. If you're DIYing, use Londontown's Kur Diamond Shine or seal in eyeshadow with your favorite clear top coat.  

Tinted Pearl Shimmer This one uses Cirque Colors' Soleil and Serenity—two pearlescent polishes with respective pink and green shimmers—to achieve the mesmerizing look. 

Micro-Studded Shimmer The design features tiny rhinestones as well as small pearls to produce a real work of art.  

Blushing Pearl You can achieve two trends in one with this blush-worthy mani: aura nails and pearl-core.  

Pearlescent Vanilla Chrome Pearlescent vanilla chrome manicures are the best way to upgrade a simple mani. Your nails resemble pearls instead of pearl embellishments.  

Iridescent Gold Mermaid We love the iridescent finish here, and the pearl accents really pull the look together. 

3D Pearlcore Swirl A special take on the pearlcore nail trend is this 3D abstract look. Walk into any room with this mesmerizing mani and we guarantee all eyes will be on you.  

Less Is More Start with your base color of choice, then finish with a shimmering or iridescent top coat for a mani that glistens just like your favorite pearls. 

Barbie-Approved Bow Start with OPI's Natural Nail Base Coat, then two coats of Best Day Ever Nail Lacquer, and finish with the Top Coat. Finally, glue the pearl bow for the loveliest finish.  

Oyster Vibes French manicure with a rich nude base, then add in abstract lines with a fine white brush to create a shell-like look. Finish off the look with a bold pearl glued to the base of your nail 

Seaside Treasure If you could dip your fingers in the ocean and pull them out with a fresh, ultra-luxe manicure, this is exactly what we would imagine. 

Metallic Pearl This look balances simple elegance and bold glamour with just a couple key choices, and we couldn't love it more. 

Pearls Galore This one also includes iridescent gems around the border for a luxurious framed effect. 

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