10  Vibrant Autumn Nails: Glossy Manicures for Fall in Chicago

Fall in Chicago is incredibly beautiful, with its crisp air, brilliant foliage, and warm feelings!  

Chicago Skyline: Start with a clean, black base coat and use a thin brush to paint the city's famous buildings in gold or silver, creating a miniature, shimmering skyline.  

Navy & Gold: Use a deep navy blue foundation coat and a hint of gold detailing to embrace Chicago's well-known color scheme.  

Fiery Reds and Oranges: A fiery red or burnt orange manicure will perfectly capture the essence of Chicago's colorful fall foliage.  

This deep hue is ideal for dressy occasions or to add a little sophistication to your regular ensemble.  

Leaf Art: Use intricate nail art to showcase the splendor of fall foliage. On a neutral base coat, paint various maple, oak, or ginkgo leaf shades of red, orange, yellow, and green.   

a small coffee cup design with a swirling "steam" detail on one or two accent nails. 

Paint a base coat in a light latte color and then add tiny pumpkins and cinnamon swirls on accent nails.  

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