10 Leopard Print Simple Nail Art designs that are adorable

Paint your nails a neutral base color (beige, cream, or pale pink) and then use a small dotting tool or the tip of a bobby pin dipped in black polish to create random black spots. 

Glitter Accents:  Take the classic design up a notch by adding some sparkle! Paint your nails a neutral base and then add black spots as usual.

French Tip with a Twist:  Give the French manicure a wild side! Paint your tips white and then add a row of small black spots just below the white line. 

Minimalist Meow:  For a subtle yet stylish look, paint just one or two accent nails with a leopard print design. 

Negative Space Spots:  This design creates a cool "leopard stencil" effect.  

Colorful Cheetah:  Feeling a little adventurous? Swap the classic black for another color!  

Glitter at the Tips: Instead of adding glitter around the spots, paint a thin line of glitter polish just along the tips of your nails before adding your black spots. 

Metallic Meow:  For a glamorous twist, use a metallic gold or silver polish instead of black for your leopard spots. 

French Fade:  Create a soft ombre effect with your base color fading to white at the tips. Then, add a few black spots for a touch of leopard print. 

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