10 Incredible Nail Ideas for Each Season

Rainbow Rainy Nail Art Start with pastel pink, then use a fine-tipped brush to draw lines in bright red, cheerful yellow, relaxing blue, and violet.  

Lightning Bolt Monsoon Nail Art Paint a dark navy base, then use a bold, jagged line to create the illusion of lightning crackling across all nails or even one would look great. 

Drops Of Water Nail Art This minimalist raindrop monsoon nail art celebrates the gentle pattern of raindrops with delicate, scattered dots in a transparent shade on a sky-blue base.  

Umbrella Rain Nail Art Paint a base of dark blue or white, then use a dotting tool or fine brush to add a tiny umbrella on both ring fingers in the colour of your choice.  

Glitter Monsoon Nail Art Paint each nail with a layer of iridescent glitter in shades of blue, silver, green, pink and purple.  

Polka Dots Monsoon Nail Art Paint the base of each nail in different bright colours, then use a dotting tool to add clusters of white or metallic dots for a cheerful, rain-inspired look. 

All Yellow Monsoon Nail Art You can add drama by adding little raindrops, lightning bolts, or miniature umbrellas in a complementary yellow to a sunny yellow foundation with a fine-tipped brush.  

Cloudy Monsoon Nail Art Paint the base neutral, the tips blue, and then add white wispy, cloud-like strokes with a sponge or dry brush. To simulate sunshine through the clouds, use white or silver.  

Blue & White Monsoon Nail Art Paint a base of white nail paint, then use a fine-tipped brush to add a blue-coloured delicate flower-like pattern for a striking, minimalist look. 

Shades Of Blue  Start with a base of pale blue, then gradually build up layers of deeper, richer shades of blue towards the tips of your nails. 

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