10 Gorgeous Red Garden Flowers

Some popular dianthuses have pink blossoms, while ‘Fire Star,’ ‘Rockin’ Red,’ and ‘Ideal Select Red’ have red flowers and are appreciated for their fringed petals and unique perfume.   


Camellias are popular in Southern gardens because they always bloom brightly in winter. Camellia japonica and sasanqua species ‘Bob Hope,’ ‘Yuletide,’ ‘Crimson King,’ ‘Red Bird,’ ‘Black Magic,’ and ‘Royal Velvet’ bloom red.   


Use coneflowers in sunny gardens. Clumps of them grow on long stems and produce a deep crimson color. ‘Hot Papaya’ boasts mango-red blossoms, while ‘Tomato Soup’ is vivid red.   


Roses are always our go-to red flower for presence. They range from climbing to shrub roses. Red shrubs include ‘Benjamin Britten,’ Double Knock Out, and ‘My Hero,’ while red hybrid teas include ‘Kentucky Derby,’ ‘Opening Night,’ and ‘Red Masterpiece.’ Candy Oh!, Red Cascade, and Valentine's Day are red climbers.   


This Eastern US native has dark green foliage and bunches of blooms. Hummingbirds love it, so plant it to attract them to your yard. In contrast to ‘Adam’ and ‘Cambridge Scarlet,’ ‘Gardenview Scarlet’ has red blossoms and is disease-resistant.   

Bee Balm 

Cannabis has some of the garden's most colorful and attractive foliage and blossoms. ‘Australia’ features burgundy foliage and vivid red blooms, while ‘Durban’ has stunning foliage and scarlet flowers. ‘President’ has crimson blossoms and bright green foliage. 


Calibrachoa species, known as “million bells” for their abundant blooms, are a summer garden favorite. ‘Superbells Red,’ ‘Cabaret Bright Red,’ and ‘Superbells Cherry Red’ have red blossoms.   


Cala lilies are known for their trumpet-shaped white flowers, although others bloom red with dark green foliage. Popular red-blooming varieties include ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Majestic Red’.   

Calla Lily

Some mums have two colors on each flower, but red ones make a statement on a front porch or patio. A pot of moms with reds like ‘Little Red,’ ‘Red Hots,’ and ‘Daisy Red,’ will delight you.   


For those without a green thumb, coreopsis may be the bloom. Growing it is simple and yields many flowers over time. ‘Limerock Ruby’ features gem-colored flowers, ‘Ruby Frost’ has red with white margins, and ‘Garnet’ has red flowers.   


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