10 Ever-Classic Red Nail Ideas to Inspire Your Next Mani

Tomato Red Nail It's easy to achieve a beautiful nail appearance with red nails because the color is so stunning on its own. All you need to do is choose the appropriate shade.   

Ruby-Red French Tip A certain technique to paint your nails red in 2024? In the shape of a strong French manicure. French manicure nail stickers, like as Orly Half Moon Guides ($6), can help you polish your arcs.  

Cherry Red Is there anything better than this red? It's a tough one to beat in our opinion. The exact shade is Game Over by Cirque Colors, from the Vice 2023 Collection Set ($60).  

Red Chrome Nail If you favor the appearance of non-holo chrome, here's a reminder of how stunning it can be in red.   

Red Almond-Shaped Nail How lovely is a solid red manicure? It's simple, traditional, and striking all at once. (FYI: Here's another look at the Aprés Gel-X Sculpted Almond Medium Tips in action.)  

Red Strawberry Accent Nail Over the last year, there has been a renewed interest in all things related to girlhood. We think these daisy-dotted, strawberry-accented French tips look great.   

Red Floral Nail These whimsical red-bordered floral nails are reminiscent of vintage crockery and joyful celebrations. As complicated as the pattern appears, it's really simple to make if you have a steady hand and dotting tools.   

Pink and Red Holly Nail You can wear colorful nails while also including a touch of pink. These pink and red striped manicures are party-ready with their beautiful little holly embellishments  

Red Velvet Nail Velvet nails were popular in 2023, and the opulent nail art style is expected to continue in 2024. Nail artist Dayanna I.   

Red Angel Number Nail Looking for luck as we approach 2024? This 777, Vegas-inspired French manicure is sure to make you drool. To duplicate the look at home  

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