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a birth chart of the United States of America based on American science

In my experience as a resident of a tourist town in the United States, the Fourth of July is typically a day in which I have to fight to maintain my parking spot and avoid running errands because to the heavy traffic.

When I am a man who works during the day, I have a long weekend filled with beer and BBQ.

For an astrologer, the Fourth of July serves as a timely reminder that the principles of Natal Astrology are applicable to more than just individuals; they also apply to nations and events.

Countries, states and cities all have birth charts just like people do. Astrologers who study world events often look at the charts of countries and their leaders to predict future events.

A country’s birth chart is created using the year, day and hour the country was ‘born.’ For example, the date for the United States‘ birth chart is typically seen as July 4th, 1776. There is a Sagittarius rising chart as well as a Gemini rising chart for this date, but I personally use the Sagittarius rising chart which is based on a time of 5:10 PM, in Philadelphia and is supported by certain historical documents and seems to play out accurately. Alternatively, some astrologers believe that July 2nd is the actual date of the US chart since this was the day the crucial vote for independence was taken.


Inceptional Astrology

The process of casting a chart at the beginning of an event is referred to as Inceptional Astrology, which is their proper language. Not only do natal charts fall under the purview of inceptional astrology, but so do the beginnings of nations, the launch of a new business, and even the publication of a post on Medium!

The idea that the beginning of an event imbues it with the characteristics of the present moment is the philosophical doctrine that underpins the practice of inceptional astrology. It is possible for astrologers to comprehend and forecast these characteristics by analyzing the position of the stars at the time of the beginning of the manifestation. When a human being is born, the instant that we take our first breath outside of the womb is considered to be the moment of our origin. When referring to events, it is the point at which the event has began in a symbolic sense.

America’s Birth Chart

It is possible for a nation to be born similar to how an event or a person can be born. We commemorate the Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, in the United States of America since it is considered to be the birthday of our nation. The second Congress of the United States of America authorized and adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

When we have a date, we have a birth chart; nevertheless, a decent birth chart requires a birth time. It is difficult to gather this information from occurrences that took place hundreds of years ago. There are certain astrologers that look for documents that provide precise times; there are some of these records, although there are conflicting reports. The skill of applying astrological techniques to precisely identify the birth chart of an event with an unverified time is referred to as rectification. Some people attempt to calculate a time by employing a technique known as rectification.

Ebenezer Sibly (1751–1799), an English physician and occult writer, was one of these astrologers. He was responsible for correcting a birth chart for the United States that was scheduled to take place on July 4, 1776 at 5:10 PM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Sibly Chart is the name that most people give to such a chart. The United States of America has a Cancer Sun, a Sagittarius Rising House, and an Aquarius Moon, as indicated by the Sibly Chart.

A chart that was cast using astro-seek is as follows:

Here the chart cast using astro-seek:

A natal astrology chart of the U.S. Sibly birth chart.

The U.S. Sibly chart in the Traditional style

In the course of my research, I discovered that the Sibly chart is rather popular; nevertheless, it is not the only chart that is available available. The following are some additional dates and times of birth that have been suggested:

The day that pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts on December 21, 1620 The Battle of Lexington, which is considered to be the beginning of the Revolutionary War, took place on April 19, 1775, at approximately five o’clock in the morning.
On July 6, 1775, Congress issued a declaration proclaiming war.
There were a number of different days and times between July 1st, 1776 and July 4th, 1776, when Congress voted for independence (history documents give contradicting stories, and there was a re-vote).
It was on July 8, 1776, that the Declaration of Independence was made.
There is a lot of discussion and argument among astrologers about which chart is the most accurate. Using historical records or applied astrological methodologies, such as zodiacal releases and transits, they suggest that this is the case. I have also utilized the Sibly Chart in the past when undertaking an analysis of the recent reversal of Roe v. Wade by the federal government in June of 2022.

However, this brings up the topic of whose birth chart is the ACTUAL birth chart of the United States of America.

The TRUE chart

The usefulness of the various charts has been disputed and demonstrated by astrologers with more experience than I do. I’m not going to make an attempt here.

It would appear, after reading and examining the comments, that it is not possible to determine the precise moment of birth for the United States of America, even with the data that are available from the historical period. Too many reports that contradict each other are available.

During the birth of a human being in the modern era, we are able to observe both the parents and the doctors. A watch is worn by every single person at this event, which has been thoroughly documented. The majority of us are able to verify our birth date and time by either inquiring with our mothers or by looking at a birth certificate. When it comes to other events, such as the launching of a business, we can simply evaluate the moment when the doors were first opened to clients. Similarly, when it comes to the publication of an article, we can examine the timestamp on the website (or the date printed in the newspaper).

Another challenge that arises when attempting to determine the birth time of a nation is determining the precise moment when the nation initially became a country. What significant event is considered to be the beginning of a nation? You are either born or you are still in the womb; there is a definite difference between the two. This is not the same as a human birth, which is a predetermined event.

Which of the aforementioned historical events would be considered the “birth” of the nation, even if accurate historical documents belonged to each of the aforementioned historical occurrences? It gets increasingly difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when a nation or city was established as we move further back in time. With the exception of Baghdad, which was established by astrological election in order to have a favorable birth chart, the majority of cities and nations evolve organically over the course of time rather than having a specific beginning date. Baghdad was built in order to have an auspicious birth chart. There is no clear origin to cities; rather, they are the result of a gradual development into what they are today. Cities grow as population centers increase.

The United States of America and other newer nations have the advantage of having a large number of historical records, even if these records sometimes contradict one another. One can say that older countries have the advantage of having a few possible charts to work with, which is more than what can be stated for younger countries.

So WHICH chart should I use?

It is fortunate that national natal charts are not the sole method by which mundane astrology may be practiced. There are a variety of things that an astrologer can work with, even if they do not have an accurate birth chart. These include the Annual Aries ingress, Lunations, Eclipses, and the use of the birth charts of national leaders like as the president.

Having a birth chart for a country is still a wonderful thing to have. It is Sibly’s that I use personally. In my personal experience, it is the one that is utilized the most frequently, and I have discovered that it correctly represents current occurrences when compared to transits and other methods of timing. Despite this, Sibly’s chart is not necessarily the one that you ought to use by default.

A piece of advise that I provide to myself is to practice with each and every one of them. You should familiarize yourself with a variety of historical dates and times, examine the work of other astrologers, and apply strategies to the charts on your own. Always keep an eye on the most recent happenings, and when you need to, open up your charts and see what they indicate.

In my opinion, the rising sign of Sagittarius is a good representation of the United States of America. Sag is a centaur with a bow, and Americans are horseback riding cowboys with firearms. Jupiter is the planet that dominates the sign of Sagittarius, while the Eagle is Saturn’s animal. The Bald Eagle is the national animal of the United States of America.

The Sun in the United States’ birth chart: Cancer

Any individual who holds the position of head of state, whether it be a King, Queen, Prime Minister, or President, is referred to as the Sun in the United States chart or any other chart. In addition, it provides an explanation of the character of the nation and its identity.

The Sun is located in the seventh house at 13 degrees of Cancer in the chart of the United States of America. Cancer is a sign that is known for its warmth and sensitivity. It is a sign that epitomizes the idea of home, the homeland, and family, and it is considered to be the most caring sign. Both Jupiter and Venus are also in Cancer, and the Sun is conjunct both of them. Jupiter’s conjunction with the Sun is a fortunate and pleasant aspect that indicates a populace that is, for the most part, respectable. It is a blessing to have an aspect such as this, and given that Jupiter is one of the planets associated with finance, it is not surprising that the United States of America is still regarded as the wealthiest nation in the world.

Now, the Sun is located in the seventh house of the United States chart, which is the house that governs relationships. When it comes to the relationships that it cultivates with other nations that it views as partners, the United States places a significant amount of importance. In contrast to other social structures, such as the caste system, this element also suggests that there is a friendly relationship between the many classes of people in the home. The power of the people over the government is increased as a result of this.

The Sun squares Saturn

The sun square The Sun squares Saturn in Libra, which is located in the 11th house, and Saturn is a transit that presents challenges. Saturn is said to be exalted while it is in Libra, which indicates that it is at its most cozy when it is in this sign. The United States of America is a nation of laws, and Libra is the ruler of justice and the law. United States of America is one of the best and most equitable legal systems in the world, despite the fact that it has some flaws.
Saturn is the planet that represents self-control, responsibility, and laborious effort. This is the classic characteristic of the one who has worked extremely hard and put in a lot of effort in order to achieve the highest level of success in their chosen field. The self-made individual is represented by this emblem. Throughout the course of American history, this has been the case, and a great number of well-known Americans, like Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, John D. Rockefeller, and a great number of others, have achieved success via their own efforts. In order to take advantage of the opportunities that are available, people from all over the world travel to the United States.

There is a possibility that particular presidents or leaders will have unpopularity or impediments as a result of the Sun’s square arrangement with Saturn. As a consequence, there may be delays in the passing of legislation. Considering this facet, it is possible that disagreements will occur between the President and the various organs of government, such as Congress. There is a possibility that this installation will have a negative impact on the health of the nation at times.

The Moon in the United States chart: Aquarius

According to the Sibley chart, the Moon is located at 27 degrees during the third house in the sign of Aquarius. Individuals and their states of mind are symbolized by the Moon. In addition to being the sign that dominates the 11th house, sometimes known as the collective, Aquarius is also the sign that represents freedom, fraternity, and independence respectively.

U.S. overlaid on the Moon for a sense of scale | FlowingData


Due to the fact that the United States of America has four planets in the sign of Cancer—namely, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter—the Moon in the Sibly chart serves as the primary depositor. Given that this is the situation, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the final depositor or the Moon. The people, through their chosen representatives, are ultimately the ones who rule everything, and the Moon is currently in the sign of Aquarius. In the event that the government becomes excessively corrupt, the Constitution grants the people the authority to amend or change the government. The people are sovereign. In addition, the Moon’s position in the third house indicates a significant amount of travel, communication, and methods of transportation. With this placement, significant issues pertaining to education, communication, and the Post Office are brought to the forefront responsibilities. These are issues that have always been significant to the American people.

Dominant transits in the United States’ birth chart

Mars square Neptune 7th to the 9th house 

This vision, when it is at its finest, is idealistic and represents a strong ethical attitude; nevertheless, at the same time, there is the potential for confusion regarding the real results of its acts, which leaves it unintentionally open to corruption from those who would mislead in the name of ideology and/or religion. To be able to see beyond what the problems appear to be and to have a clear picture of what the future can be, the person who wins the presidency will inherit an empire that has this duality. As a result, they will need to have the vision and the wisdom to see beyond what currently exists.

Dreams, fantasy, and imagination are all represented through the medium of our cinema industry, which is ruled by the planet Neptune. We have the ability to experience heavenly unity and artistic imagination, as well as to fight for our principles, thanks to the constructive influence of this. However, Neptune is in a square aspect to Mars, which is associated with aggressiveness and violence. In the absence of any form of intervention, we run the risk of losing touch with reality, glamorizing violence, and descending into a society of conspiracy theories. It is also possible for it to symbolize a type of compassion as opposed to hostility and violence, as well as a hazy perception of what is right and wrong.
In the time leading up to and during the American Civil War, transiting Neptune squared Mars and competed with Neptune. It was one of the most brutal and bloody battles in the history of the United States, and it involved compassion in terms of those who wanted to put an end to slavery (Neptune) and those who were willing to fight to keep slaves as property (Mars).

Once more, this transit took place between the years 2020 and 2022, and it is still within orb now. On January 6, 2021, the first and only riot at the Capitol by American citizens took place. This occurred when Donald Trump, the only President of the United States to ever fail to concede an election, was accused of pushing his supporters to go to the Capitol in protest of what he called a “rigged” election. During this time period, there has been an abundance of conspiracy theories regarding a variety of topics, and the nation is more divided than it has ever been in the lifetime of anyone who is reading this.

Over the course of these years, there has also been a substantial amount of press coverage regarding the killings of unarmed Black individuals at the hands of law enforcement. Some of the victims of these deaths include Dante Wright, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Freddie Gray, and Eric Garner, to name just a few of the more prominent incidents.

Since this aspect began in the year 2020, we have witnessed parts of society and politics that want to reverse past accomplishments such as the freedom of a woman to choose, the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, voting rights, and most recently, the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to effectively end affirmative action, which was intended to create educational and workplace diversity for those who are underrepresented.
Due to the fact that Neptune is able to rule infectious disorders, this feature also coincided with COVID-19. The fact of the matter is that during the Civil War, which occurred during these transits, infectious diseases claimed the lives of more soldiers than actual combat.

Mercury opposite Pluto

american-astrology-birth-chart-of-the-united-states (2)

Mercury is in opposition to Pluto in the Sibley chart, which moves from the eighth house to the second house of the chart. Among other things, the pairing of Mercury and Pluto is a reference to the media. Other things that are mentioned include money, incomes, and the overall financial health of the nation.

This feature, which was present during the time when the nation was transitioning from being governed by a monarchy to a nascent democracy, demonstrates the cerebral activity that was required by its founders and the efforts that they made, which were well thought out, especially considering that Mercury was in station retrograde.

It has been said that the media operates as the “fourth estate” in the United States because of the enormous role it plays in the country. There is a strong emphasis placed on the recognition of competing political points of view and the collective attitude, which is represented by this forceful resistance. At this point in time, a transit like this is considered to be propaganda, and Pluto is responsible for firmly establishing these varied ideas in the mass consciousness.

The United States’ Pluto return

During the course of the last few years, we have witnessed the very first return of Pluto to the United States. This indicates that Pluto has returned to its normal position in the United States chart, which is at 27 degrees of Capricorn. Many people are of the opinion that the political climate in the United States is more polarized than it has ever been since the Civil War. During Pluto’s first known return, a number of noteworthy occurrences have recently taken place, including the following:

In response to the shootings of unarmed African Americans by police, there has been a rebirth of the Black Lives Matter movement.
The disclosure of documents from the United States Department of Justice concerning Russian meddling in the election campaign in the United States, which was carried out through propaganda.
The media networks have been spreading lies and falsehoods about the election in the United States, as well as other news and following lawsuits.
The Department of Justice is conducting an investigation into allegations of political misconduct.
The United States, in response to the strike carried out by Russia, offered Ukraine with financial aid.
The consequences of the return of Pluto to the United States will be felt for many years to come. From the 19th of September to the 1st of November of this year, the aspect of Pluto conjunct Pluto in the chart of the United States will make its final appearance.

Sun, Venus, Jupiter conjunct and square Saturn

The first three planets are all conjunct in Capricorn, which is located in the seventh house in the United States chart. These planets reflect social contact, success in material pursuits, and contentment. On the other hand, when these three planets are brought to their logical conclusion, they can lead to greed, which is the expansion of things like appetites and territory. There is a connection between Jupiter and faith, and whatever it touches, whether for good or for evil, expands.

However, due to the fact that these three planets also square Saturn, this same combination can result in the denial of the same attributes, which can be brought to an extreme. In the United States, we are always going through cycles of binge eating and dieting, as well as boom and bust.

Uranus in the 6th house

Uranus, the planet of vision, is located in the sixth house of the United States chart, which governs the military, workers, and to some extent the health of the nation. Therefore, Uranus is the planet of vision. As a nation, the United States of America has a long history of being a nation of innovators and visionaries, and the United States military has been referred to as the best in the world. In addition, this placement may be indicative of strikes and dissatisfaction among workers, and it may also have an impact on the health of the nation.
In the not too distant future, Aquarius will exert a significant amount of influence over the United States of America and the rest of the world.

The United States of America is still in the midst of the Pluto return, which occurred not too long ago when Pluto moved back into the sign of Capricorn.

Saturn, which is associated with rigidity, laborious work, and duties, is the planet that rules Capricorn. We can anticipate that the current state of affairs will persist until the remainder of the year 2023; however, in January of 2024, it will make its way into Aquarius for the first half of the year.

In addition, starting November 19, 2024, Pluto will occupy the sign of Aquarius for the subsequent 19 years. As soon as this happens, we will witness significant shifts not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world, for Pluto is the ruler of the collective. Between the years 1777 to 1798, when Pluto was in Aquarius for the last time, a number of significant events took place, including the commencement of the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution. The ideas of self-governance, reason, and the ability of humanity to determine its own destiny reached their zenith during these years, marking the culmination of the Age of Enlightenment. It is inevitable that the same thing will occur once more, but in a different manner.

To name just a few of the virtues that Aquarius embodies, the 11th house of the collective is ruled by Aquarius, which also symbolizes fraternity and equality. During these years, there will be a desire for justice and equality, but the path that leads to this demand will not be an easy one. Because Pluto is currently in the sign of Aquarius, we will undoubtedly be concentrating on matters pertaining to science, technology, medicine, information data, and power structures.
Pluto is expected to sextile Neptune and Saturn by the year 2026, while also trine Uranus. All of the outer planets, including Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn, will come together to make a remarkable configuration with each other. This configuration has the potential to be of great value to humanity in ways that have not yet been seen in our lifetimes, regardless of what else is going on in the globe.

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