4 Zodiac Signs That’ll Feel It Most When Saturn Goes Retrograde From June 29 2024 2

The beginning of Saturn’s retrograde motion will take place on June 29, 2024, and it will continue until November 15, 2024. Over the course of those few months, the retrograde will continue to be located in the sign of Pisces, and it will have an interesting impact on four particular zodiac signs.

“Saturn in Pisces is so interesting because most other Saturn placements feel like they have to fight something, but Pisces is a placement of acceptance,” astrologer Lauren Ash noted in a TikTok video. She went on to say that this has the meaning that “There is no struggle really to be had.” Simply put, acceptance.”

What exactly does this imply for us, then?

“The real issue comes in building up our own emotional fortitude and being able to weather the storms,” Ash explained to reporters.

When Saturn moves into retrograde motion from June 29, 2024, there are four zodiac signs that will feel the effects the most.

1. Aquarius

You will be acutely aware of it when Saturn begins its retrograde motion on June 29, and you will continue to experience its effects until the end of the retrograde motion on November 15. If your Sun is in Aquarius, you will feel it particularly intensely.

Not only is Saturn one of the planets that rule Aquarius (the other ruling planet is Uranus), but Saturn traveling through Pisces has a positive impact on Aquarius. This is due to the fact that Pisces and Aquarius are neighboring zodiac signs that are more concerned with helping others and focusing on the community than the other zodiac signs.

As a result, Aquarius will find happiness during Saturn’s retrograde phase when they concentrate on the process of achieving their goals rather than being fixated on the end result or destination. By saying that you should take the time to stop and smell the flowers and that the joy lies in the trip rather than the destination, they are referring to this particular concept.

4 Zodiac Signs That'll Feel It Most When Saturn Goes Retrograde From June 29 2024 2

If you have a lot of air and fire sign placements in your birth chart, not only will it be a challenging lesson to learn, but it will also help you develop patience and appreciate the significance of paying attention to the details. After all, it is a lot more pleasant and time-efficient to accomplish anything successfully on the very first attempt, rather than having to go back and correct mistakes that could have been avoided.

Wearing blue agate or blue calcite during the retrograde phase can assist you in remaining linked with it and learning the wonderful lessons that it will bring to your doorstep. If you feel called to do so, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

2. Aries

As Saturn moves through the sign of Pisces in retrograde, you, Aries, will have a variety of experiences. On the one hand, and despite the fact that your elemental natures are different, Pisces is likely to be a friend to you because it is the zodiac sign that before you. As a result, Saturn’s retrograde motion will bring to light the hidden depths of your personality that you and others were previously unaware of. It should not come as a surprise to you if people believe that you are pretending to have wisdom or talents. As time goes on, they will come to the realization that you are not a caricature but rather a person who possesses numerous characteristics.

However, during the retrograde, you will not have an easy time of it in any situation. There are those of you who will realize that you are moving into a new social circle or that you will lose pals.

If you have made this choice on your own initiative, you will be in harmony with the message and benefits that Saturn is sending you during its retrograde phase. This is a tool that will assist you in letting go of things that are not in your best interest, such as phony friends or individuals who are intentionally trying to prevent you from achieving your goals (while claiming to you that they are acting otherwise).

Saturn will bring about circumstances that will cause others to withdraw from you if you do not commit to this course of action, which involves getting rid of things that are not necessary and connections that are more detrimental than beneficial. This latter approach, on the other hand, will be excruciating because you will have the impression that you are being deserted by the people that you have adored, loved, and cared for for such a long time.

Wearing a pendant made of rose quartz might assist you in remaining grounded throughout this period of transition. The removal of harmful influences is a significant benefit, even if it requires a lot of effort on your part at the present.

4 Zodiac Signs That'll Feel It Most When Saturn Goes Retrograde From June 29 2024 2

3. Leo

Prepare yourself, Leo, for Saturn will be in retrograde motion in Pisces, and this will be a very exciting period for you! This is especially true for individuals who have the Sun in the sign of Leo and the Moon in the sign of Cancer in their natal chart. During this time, you will have an experience that is almost supernatural, but you will also have to slow down your processes in order to prevent the retrograde from interfering with your timetable.

In order to ensure that you do not forget the signs and synchronicities, it is important to pay great attention to them and to write them down. As soon as you have gathered a sufficient number of the jigsaw pieces throughout the retrograde, they will begin to make intuitive sense.

Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to pay closer attention to the people you have as friends and the social circles that you move in. Either they will assist you or they will impede you. Don’t overlook the warning signs, then! When individuals make the conscious decision to overlook what is there in front of their eyes, Saturn does not fool around with them.

During the retrograde, you can use Tiger’s Eye to assist you in remaining grounded and finding your own sense of empowerment.

4. Virgo

For you, Virgo, this Saturn retrograde in Pisces will be a time of learning and reorganizing your thoughts and perspective. If you notice that you are more introverted than usual, you should not try to battle it or feel as though you need to prove yourself to other people in terms of your social abilities.

You will have a better understanding of your genuine objectives in life and what is for you and what is not if you make an effort to take advantage of the special gifts that this retrograde has to offer you. Following the conclusion of the retrograde, the ultimate effect will be liberating for your spirit and will instill in you a deeper sense of confidence in both yourself and your skills.

It is important to keep in mind that Pisces is the opposite zodiac sign of Virgo. As a result, Saturn’s stay in Pisces will force you to think differently and learn from those that you would probably consider unworthy due to preconceptions and conditioned views. It is possible that during this time period, you will meet members of your soul tribe who will assist you in discovering new things and broadening your horizons.

Regularly grounding oneself during the retrograde period is something you should do if you feel called to do so. This will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed or stressed out by the obstacles that Saturn brings to your doorstep. If you accomplish this through meditation, concentrated breathing, yoga, or any other technique, it will help you comprehend that there are moments when the only thing that is standing between you and your objective is your own self and the anxieties that you have. That being said, you should overcome those internal boundaries and let your mercurial side to take control.

4 Zodiac Signs That'll Feel It Most When Saturn Goes Retrograde From June 29 2024 2

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