3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs The Entire Week Of July 8 – 14, 2024.2

Pallas will be stationed directly in Scorpio during the week of July 8, Venus will be returning to Leo, and the First Quarter Moon will be in Libra about the same time. This potent energy is designed to instill a sense of confidence and bravery within you, allowing you to begin the process of actively planning your next actions and enthusiastically affirming your commitment to life.

The fact that things have been moving at a snail’s pace in recent times does not change the fact that it is essential to leave room for unexpected miracles and even for unexpected redirections. You have already been blessed with all of the luck that you will require in order to make your dreams come true when you are able to trust yourself, believe in the greatest possible conclusion, and select yourself and your destiny without any doubt.

1. Sagittarius

As you prepare to embark on the journey of a lifetime, Sagittarius, you should make sure that your luggage set is in tip-top shape. When Venus comes to Leo on Thursday, July 11, you are about to go on a journey that will assist you in welcoming new opportunities and chapters in your life. This is true regardless of whether or not you have any travel plans in the near future.

In the event that you are already traveling or have been considering going on a trip, this is a clear indication that you should not be afraid to embark on an exciting new journey. Any relationships or experiences you have during this time period have the potential to bring you even more good fortune and abundance.

You have a natural appetite for discovery and are continuously looking for what appears to be the ideal way of life. Your horizons will be expanded as a result of these new experiences, and you will be able to embrace more of what is divinely conceivable for you. However, when Venus returns to Leo, there is also a strong undertone of financial abundance, travel, and perhaps relocation for employment or simply because your soul has fallen in love with a place. This is because Venus is in the sign of Leo.

It is essential that you take a chance and allow yourself to begin taking pleasure in more aspects of life if you want to make the most of the good fortune that is surrounding you this week. Alter your routine, even if you are not going to be traveling to a different location to experience new things. Reestablish relationships with the people in your life who always seem to provide you with a different point of view.

2. Pisces

Planning is not something that comes easy to you, Pisces, but when you do it, you have the ability to move mountains that you never thought possible. Dreaming, on the other hand, is so deeply embedded in your brain that you frequently have a difficult time distinguishing between what is real and what you have already seen is feasible.

However, when these two worlds within yourself come into contact with one another, magic occurs, Pisces. On Tuesday, July 9, Pallas will come into retrograde motion in the sign of Scorpio, which will bring about exactly this condition.

It is commonly believed that Pallas is the asteroid that regulates wisdom; but, in contemporary astrology, it is also considered to represent the cerebral mind because it assists you in planning, scheming, and knowing just what actions to do in order to obtain the best benefit. When you are in the sign of Scorpio, Pallas is assisting you in making plans for your dreams and gaining a greater sense of self-assurance in moving forward with your life’s journey.

You should feel empowered to take advantage of new chances and realize the dream life you’ve always envisioned for yourself, even though you may need to intentionally ground yourself and concentrate on that inner trust.

You should make an effort to bring together the planning side of yourself with the dreaming part of yourself. Begin with something simple; whether it’s making a crucial phone call, conducting research on the internet, or even making reservations for that vacation you’ve been fantasising about, keep in mind that the world is still attentive and will react to your vibration.

You will at long last regain mental clarity, and along with it, the realization that you already possess everything you require to bring about the luck you are looking for within you.

3. Aquarius

If you are an Aquarius and are thinking about the week of July 8, the lyrics “Slow it down” from the song “Angie” by the Lumineers come to mind. If you slow it down, it does not necessarily mean that you will not take any action or that you will have to sit down and wait for luck to find you. However, it does assure that you will not miss any opportunities throughout this prosperous portion of your journey.

You can empower yourself by just slowing down as the First Quarter Moon in Libra reaches its height on Saturday, July 13. This is especially important for you to do because it seems as though career changes are all around you, and romance is luring you into a transformation period. No matter how quickly other people may try to get you to answer a question or make a decision, you should always keep in mind that you have all the time in the world. Do some research on new possibilities, pay attention to your gut instincts, and give yourself some time to reflect before making any significant choices, particularly when it comes to work or romantic relationships.

With the First Quarter Moon in Libra, you are being guided to make plans for the success that you desire. It is possible that it will lead you into uncharted area; but, the more you are able to concentrate on the stages of change that you intend to undertake, the more fortunate you will be.

Create a list of all the choices that are available to you, Aquarius. If you do decide to go with another option, you should give some thought to what it would mean for the other option, and you should also make sure that you are honoring the things that are most important to you.

Embrace the transforming nature that you possess, and if you feel the need to take a moment to pause or communicate to someone that you require some time to think or process, then make the most of that chance. It is vital that you properly plan this next major shift in your life because it is the beginning of not just more favorable circumstances but also an abundance of opportunities.

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